Crash Nitro Kart

Category: Racing/Kart
Players: 1- 4 with Bluetooth technology
Publisher: Vivendi Universal
Developer: Vicarious Visions

Emperor Velo and the entertainment-obsessed aliens of his empire have kidnapped Crash and his friends to race in the Galactic Circus! But they won’t be alone, because he’s also nabbed Dr. Cortex and his cronies.

Faced with the threat of Earth’s destruction, both teams submit to his whims. Dr. Cortex and his team of evil plan to defeat Velo in the final showdown and return to Earth as its conquerors. But they’ll need to get past Crash and Team Bandicoot, who are on a mission to thwart Team Evil - and return home in time for a nap.

  • 18 playable characters including favorites Crash, Coco, Crunch, Cortex, Tiny, and N.Gin
  • Power Up adds offensive combat – for those who need more obstacles
  • Challenging race modes: Adventure, Arcade, Time Trial, and others

N-Gage Exclusive Features

  • Get N-Gage-only cheats and unlock secret characters in the N-Gage Arena
  • Go wireless with up to 4 people over a Bluetooth connection
  • Two multiplayer race variants: Race Mode and (of course!)Battle Mode
Details game source: OviStore
Free download game: [click here]

9 Comment (s):

gk pake nama mengatakan...

ada cheatna gk?? kalo d ps ada cheatna

Dwi Maihut mengatakan...

Unfortunately I don't have.. And i never hear about that ^_^

Anonim mengatakan...

knp ya tiap gw udahan maen game ini, slalu app.main closed terus ada suara kaya nge heng gituu...
jadi mesti di restart n-gage tiap udahan maen game ini..
gw download game ini dr blog ini...
dwi gw minta solusi ya...

Dwi Maihut mengatakan...

Termasuk beruntung kamu bisa memainkan game crack crash bandicoot ini, game ini kebanyakan tidak bisa diinstall dan dimainkan... Saya rasa itulah jawabannya.. Kita tunggu saja seseorang membuat patch untuk mengatasi bug (masalah) pada game ini.. ^_^

Anonim mengatakan...

oke makasih ya buat jawabannya...

oya, ada nggak sih aplikasi buat blacklist SMS..??
kalo ada gw mesti download dmn ya..??

Dwi Maihut mengatakan...

Kalau blacklist sms sepertinya gak ada... Yang ada blacklist pangggilan suara (call)

azi mengatakan...

mau tnya nc brot, brusan Cras nitro car dc ane extrak, truz file yg NCNK.ROO d extrak kmna ya?? Thx bro

untung mengatakan...

bro niy gue yg waktu itu tanya2 ttg game crash nitro kart..
itu juga masih ada komen gue...

gue kant pake n-gage classic..
gw pengen bs maenin game harvestmoon..
mnta link vbag buat hp gw yah..
niy no imey gue : 351521002976975

trus link game HM for man nya download dmn...?
cz td gue download di room emulator gak bs bro...

makasih sebelumya...

Dwi Maihut mengatakan...

Untuk hp kamu download vbag untuk s60v1, kamu bisa cari di [Label Emulator], sudah lengkap kok disana ^_^

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